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Sewer vent leak testing in
Sewer gas leak found. Old
cast iron fitting failed.
As Indoor Air Quality Professionals, ALPINE is often faced with sewer gas odors within occupied buildings. While it is often clear that the source of such odors is a failed sewer vent system, we have found that a method for determining the exact location of the source of odors
was not available.

ALPINE has developed a test method for determining the integrity of the sewer vent system.  Similar to the method used by municipalities to smoke test the main (street) sewer system, ALPINE is able to check the sewer vent system of a single building, or area of the building where the odors are observed.  This test method involves isolating sections of the vent system within a building and using a specially equipped fan to pressurize the vent system.  A non-toxic smoke is introduced into the now pressurized sewer vent system to expose leaks.

Common odor sources include: missing sewer vent caps, broken vent
components attributed to pneumatic nails, and dried hidden drain traps
under carpeted areas.

For months a client of Alpine's lived with a sewer gas smell in a new
multi-million dollar office building. After several failed attempts by the
client to correct the problem, Alpine was contacted. Within a few hours  
Alpine was able to isolate the source of the sewer gas smell. The
source was an unglued vent cap fitting behind a sheetrock wall.

It is important to note that ALPINE notifies building occupants (if
occupied at time of testing), local fire department, and local officials, of
the nature of the test and what to expect during the testing procedure.  
This proves useful in avoiding unnecessary alarm or building occupant

Sewer vent testing services start at $750 in the Albany, New York area
for a small commercial building.
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